• Shadow Kings Shadow Kings

    Players: 2 daily

    Fight side by side with elves and dwarves against orcs and the forces of evil! Defend your city and become the most powerful lord of all!

  • BlackFlip BlackFlip

    Players: 1 daily

    Raw a line in the given grids and make sure the line does not intersect with itself. After this only operation, all the grids on the line flip - the original white grids become black, while the original black ones become white.

  • The Coke Zero Game The Coke Zero Game

    Players: 1 daily

    This game is about getting into the Coke Zero lounge inside the arena in time for the final match.

  • Get The Glass Get The Glass

    Players: 1 daily

    Your mission is help the milk-deprived Adachi family navigate/survive all five regions of the board.

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